What is your Dream Amenity?!

Dated: January 19 2022

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What’s your Dream Home Amenity?

It’s intriguing to imagine our lives in a different setting. “What would you do if you won the lottery?” “If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?” This week on our market recap we dropped the statistics, and instead, discussed what amenities we would like to see in our dream home.


Jeremy: Full Size Movie Theatre

“I want a completely unrealistic, absolute waste of space movie theatre in my dream home.” From the 150 stadium seats to a food service bringing the buttered popcorn with the push of a button, a full-size movie theatre to watch “The Incredible Hulk” is Jeremy’s dream.


Erik: Full Size School Gymnasium

“My dream feature is a home gym. NOT A WEIGHT ROOM. I want a huge space that I can use to play basketball, volleyball, roller hockey, dodgeball or anything else.” This house will be built around the gymnasium in such a way that there are windows from inside the house looking down into the gym. This way spectators can not only enjoy the games, but aptly trash talk as well.


Tyler: The Ultimate Game Room

“I want an over-the-top game area with a big screen wall, poker table, pool table, foosball table, and all the other games.” Tyler doesn’t want to have to drive to Dave & Busters like an everyday commoner, he wants it all right there in the luxury of his own ultimate gaming room.


Tom: A Tropical Indoor Pool

“I want an indoor pool that mimics a cross between a luxurious water park and the island of Bora Bora.” Tom would like to walk into his pool, lay down on an inner tube and relax along the lazy river. Then float underneath the waterfall and hop right out and into his sauna because apparently when you purchase bliss, it comes with a side of chlorine.  


Our team is built on the idea that to best serve our clients, it is important to enjoy what we are doing! Sometimes it is fun to forget about the numbers are just let your imagination run wild. We would love to hear what your dream home amenity would be! Give us a shout!

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